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The myth of 'cheap web sites'

We fix cheap web sites...

Have you heard a radio commercial for "a $4.99 a month web site for your business"? Have you seen or heard ads for "$99 web sites"? Well, don't be fooled by these services. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to web site design services.

Let us ask you this question:

If you heard an ad on the radio for "a $4.99 transmission overhaul for your car", would you rush out to that garage and have your car transmission overhauled? Probably not, because you'd be thinking "that is too good to be true".

With web sites, you really "get what you pay for", so if you spend $4.99 a month or $99 on a web site, it will look like a "cheap" web site.

Is your business image important to you? Ask yourself what your business image will be - if you use a "cheap web site". Answer: Your web site visitors will probably get the WRONG impression of your company.

The "Myth" of cheap web sites is the following: yes, you can get a web site for $4.99. Will it be a productive, effective sales & marketing tool for your business? In most cases, no. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with a "canned template design" that is the same as 10,000 other web sites on the internet, with little or no customer service, and poor "search engine optimization" - then a cheap web site may be for you!

Time and time again we've talked to or heard of businesses that are making $100,000, $500,000 or even millions of dollars a year in revenue, but have spent $100, $200 or $500 or even "zero" on a web site.

These same businesses have no problem spending $1,500 a month on a billboard ad, $800 a month on phone book ads, or even $100 a month on bottled water, but spend only a few dollars on their web site - which is a 24-hour a day sales & marketing tool for their businesses.

What message is this sending to their customers? Probably the wrong message.

Keep in mind, "cheap web sites" are pretty much "do it yourself" and they come with a bunch of "canned" designs, that you type in the information. They have no personalization of the design to match your business and your target audience, no search engine optimzation or any other technical capabilities. Truly they are the "one size fits all". That's not the correct approach to use - unless you don't care about your business!

Don't stake your entire business repuation on a "cheap web site"...

Web sites are a "hands on" project, meaning we like to know you, meet you (if possible) and understand your business, so that we can accurately match a web site design with your exact needs.

** YOU WILL NOT get that service with a $4.99 web site**

We can help you transform your web site into a professional looking site that you will be pleased with, and your visitors will be able to use efficiently.

We'd appreciate the opportunity to serve your web site design needs. Contact us today.

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