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Pittsburgh area web site design solutions

The solutions that AMIXA offers extend from registering your domain name, designing and/or redesigning your Web Site, deploying it to the Internet and then managing it from that point forward. From single web pages, to large e-commerce sites, corporate graphics, or dedicated Information Technology support solutions, we can handle your technological needs.

Our web design & development services include custom web design, database and e-commerce integration, training, marketing and promotion. You will be given A-1 customer service at all times and we'll try to make the process as efficient for you as we can.

Web Site Design

A Web site is a powerful tool which can become an integral part of your marketing strategy and should be viewed as your "store window" to the World to be visited by anyone, anywhere at anytime.

You only have a few seconds to "Sell your message" to your web site visitors. AMIXA can help you deliver that message effectively.

The overall layout of your site is only a part of the process of creating an effective online presence. We follow a step-by-step process in Planning a web siteconjunction with you, our client. There are no hidden extras in the cost of design we'll cover everything that's included (and optional) in the design cost.

After we have completed a first revision ("beta") of the home page of the site (which typically includes the navigational structure), we'll ask you to approve it so that you can be sure we're on the right track. We keep you involved - as much as you want to be involved - in the design process so that you can work interactively with us and provide us feedback for each stage of the project.

To see some examples of our work, have a look at our Portfolio and please feel free to contact us for further information.

Programming & Specialized Development Services

AMIXA is a leader in terms of technical capabilties. For more than 8 years now, AMIXA has been on the forefront of technology, developing unique code and technical solutions for our customers. Whether it's a complicated content management system, e-commerce system, SQL server database, or Access, we can support your business with custom programming and code modification services. We've also handled outsourced development from other web development companies across the country.

e-Commerce web site design solutions

Isn't it about time you open your doors 24 hours a day? AMIXA can eCommerce enable your business, and you will be able to serve customers on a 24 hour x 7 day basis.

We have extensive experience in the creation and management of online catalog/commerce stores. We've developed eCommerce web sites that do anywhere from a few transactions per day, to hundreds of transactions per day, delivering both electronic (downloadable) content, and traditional shipped goods.

We can provide real-time credit card processing, SSL Secure web sites, database access, customer tracking, email list campaigns, etc.

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The Amixa Alumni Management System is a sophisticated web-based alumni management application.

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