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How to permit YouTube videos and other videos to play through a Watchguard WebBlocker proxy

Out of the box, the Watchguard Firewall WebBlocker content filter does not permit YouTube (and other streaming videos) to play through the proxy and into your network.

To fix this, do the following:

  1. Log into the Watchguard Firewall
  2. Presuming you have already setup a Firewall proxy and are using the WebBlocker to filter content…
  3. Go to Firewall->Proxy Actions, and EDIT the current proxy you have custom defined.
  5. ADD a new action, (ALLOW OR AV SCAN), Pattern match, video/*
  6. Save
  7. Retry playing your video (you may need to close out of your web browser and open it, and try another video, but this should solve the YouTube and other streaming video issues).

How to allow the YouTube app to play videos through a Watchguard WebBlocker firewall proxy

If you are having problems with iPhones or iPads (or any other device) playing through your Watchguard WebBlocker proxy (via your Watchguard firewall), the fix is very simple.

Presuming you have one of the latest firmwares (11.6.x as of today) and are using WebBlocker with a proxy combined with the content filtering…

Log into the Watchguard

Go to Firewall->Proxy Actions

Select and Edit the proxy setup you are using in your network.  (you must NOT be using a predefined one, you must make your own).

Go to HTTP Proxy Exceptions

add the following:



so that your entries look like this:

proxy action

Save your changes.

Re-test your app and the application should play.

This worked perfectly on our network and our i-Devices.