ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT Excel Import error Ignoring bad/duplicate CategoryRef

If you are trying to do a bulk product import into ASPDNSF and come across the following error

Ignoring bad/duplicate CategoryRef, Name=

This is usually solved in one of two ways.

First, you have a malformed XPATH (category) field. The proper syntax is /category name 1/category name 2/subcategory name 1

for example, /Sports/All types of balls/Basketballs

NOTE: You do not need to manually create the categories in the admin interface. If you’ve formed the categories properly as above, the system will auto-create the categories during the import process. This is a real timesaver.

Second, this import error message can also be triggered if the “PRODUCT SKU’s” are duplicated in the import file. Please check your import data carefully to ensure that you don’t have duplicate SKU numbers for the same category (or at all). Good business practices dictate that you have a unique sku for each product.

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