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ASPMAKER CKEDITOR fonts and font sizes and font colors…

By default, ASPMAKER 11 (and higher) come with the basic CKEDITOR toolbar.

If you wish the full capabilities of CKEDITOR:

1) deploy out your normal ASPMAKER project folder to the web server

2) go to http://ckeditor.com/addons/plugins/all and use the “CKBUILDER” on the right side to build out your custom build of CKEDITOR (I just took “everything”).

3) save the file

4) extract, and overwrite your existing CKEDITOR file inside the ASPMAKER folder on your server.

5) edit the CONFIG.JS file and add this line    config.allowedContent = true;

that will make sure you can save HTML without certain tags getting stripped out.


CKEDITOR 4.2 or later will not allow iframe (or other html tags)

Very easy fix.

Edit the config.js file (inside the CKEDITOR directory)


config.allowedContent = true;

before the close bracket tag.

save the change.

Edit the ewcfg11.asp (or slightly different filename depending on your version of ASPMAKER)

set this line to FALSE:

Const EW_REMOVE_XSS = False ‘ True to Remove XSS / False to skip

quit the open web browser (all open instances of that browser).

launch the browser.

retry pasting IFRAME code into SOURCE on CKEDITOR.  Should work now.


Slow rendering or display of CKFINDER directories

Have you installed CKFINDER (maybe on Classic ASP) and have a problem with very slow directory displays while the circular “wait” animation plays and eventually displays the directory?

Easy fix:

Within the config.asp file (located in the CKFINDER directory) while using the Classic ASP version of CKFINDER…

comment out this line

Images.Add “component”, “Auto”

just put an apostrophe in front of it like this (below)

‘ Images.Add “component”, “Auto”

Save your changes.  Refresh and reload CKFINDER and the directories should display instantly.