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I recently purchased one of the SINTECH Xbox Series X/S NVME adapters in an attempt to use a less expensive alternative for NVME storage on my XBOX.

This is the item:


It took about 10 days for the adapter to transit to the USA.

You will also need a specific NVME 2030 hard drive.

WD CH SN530 (1tb unformatted, ~867gb formatted).  I bought mine on eBay for $110 w/free shipping.

Here is the correct procedure to get the NVME to work.

  1. insert the WD CH SN530 into your NVME PC.
  2. using a “real” partition management software (or via windows command line), delete ALL partitions from the drive.  My factory drive had a small partition then a large partition.  The small partition did not show up under Windows Disk management, thus why I had to use partition software to delete the partitions.
  3. Convert the disk to MBR.
    1. in windows disk management, right click the drive name (in the far left column), and choose convert disk to MBR.
  4. Format the disk NFTS
  5. remove the NVME from your PC
  6. insert into the SINTECH adapter.
  7. plug the adapter board into your XBOX
  8. the drive will recognize.  Format it as a game storage device (NOT MEDIA).
  9. Have fun!

How to get OPEN NAT with Xbox or Xbox One and PFSENSE firewall

Here is my quick & easy guide to getting OPEN NAT inside your network for multiple XBOX’s and inside a PFSENSE FIREWALLED network.

  1. all Xboxes must be configured with a STATIC IP.
    1. under the Xbox Settings, Network, Advanced settings, I use MANUAL IP address setting.
      1. put a static IP inside the range of your network.
      2. as an example:
        1. IP:
        2. Subnet:
        3. Gateway:
        4. DNS: Point it at your PFSENSE box.
        5. Secondary DNS: Use Google:
      3. Alternate PORT:  not needed // leave at default
      4. clear any alternate MAC addresses.
    2. Save these settings and SHUT DOWN your XBOX.
    3. Pull the plug
  2. Go log into your PFSENSE firewall
  3. I am using a beta version of PFSENSE 2.5.0.a.20200401.1515
  4. You should try to be using as current a version as possible to avoid any issues with outdated PFSENSE code.
  5. Inside PFSENSE, go to Services/ UPnP & NAT-PMP
    1. Setup your settings like this (click image for larger version):

      1. under ACL ENTRIES, each XBOX’s STATIC IP address must be on it’s own line here.  If you have multiple XBOX’s, create one line entry for each XBOX and edit the IP ADDRESS
      2. HIT SAVE to save your settings here.
  6. Go to Firewall / NAT / Outbound
    1. Make sure that the MODE is set to Hybrid Outbound NAT rule generation.
    2. Add a mapping (see below, click for larger image)
    3. NOTES:
      1. under SOURCE, you must put the IP address for your XBOX here.
      2. Repeat and add mappings for EACH XBOX (and IP ADDRESS) inside your LAN
  7. Plug the power back into your Xbox
  8. Power it on
  9. Once it is booted, go to NETWORK / SETTINGS.
  10. RE-RUN NAT TYPE test
  12. you should now have “OPEN” NAT