Quick change of Hyper-V UID – for Register in place VM

If you want to quickly create copies of one Hyper-V Virtual Machine, here is an easy process:

1) change the XML UID by editing the XML file within the Exported VM directory.
2) change the name to the new machine name (this is the XXXXX tag)
3) change the global_id
4) change the logical_id (to the new global ID)
5) save the file
6) rename the XML file to match the global ID
7) import – register in place (use the existing unique ID)
8) adjust any settings on the VM
9) start the VM


  • Rich Kusak

    This was a helpful resource as I was looking to stand up a testing environment from clones of our production VMs. We used SAN based snapshots to create zero-copy clones of the necessary VM volumes and wanted a way to quickly bring the VM copies into Hyper-V. This method worked but I realized it wouldn’t work in the future as MS is changing the VM config file from XML to binary in Server 2016. In light of that I found a solution that doesn’t seem to be well documented, the PowerShell Hyper-V cmdlet Compare-VM. It allows an existing VM config to be copied and manipulated, and is supported in Server 2016.

  • Dave Cloutier

    Nice – simple and works!

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