How to permit Google Fonts through your Watchguard WebBlocker content filter proxy

Out of the box, the Watchguard Firewall WebBlocker content filter does not permit Google Fonts to download and be viewed through the proxy and into your network.  This creates a problem because a lot of websites now use embedded fonts to properly render the website.

To fix this, do the following:

  1. Log into the Watchguard Firewall
  2. Presuming you have already setup a Firewall proxy and are using the WebBlocker to filter content…
  3. Go to Firewall->Proxy Actions, and EDIT the current proxy you have custom defined.
  5. ADD the following new actions (below).  You will need to add ALL FIVE to make this work properly.
  6. Save

Add the following actions:



  • Andrew Robinson

    Hi. Has anyone got this to work. I do the above but the firewall still blocks the fonts.

  • Jay

    So I recently spoke with a rep from watchguard and they had me do something different than what this proposes. They had me to go the “Firewall->Proxy Actions” and then edit the “HTTP-Client.QuickStart” and then go to “HTTP Response->Header Fields” and then at the bottom change the option that says “Action to take if no rule above is matched” from “Strip” to “Allow” and it fixed the problem.

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