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iPhone iPad Find My Friends ME photo picture is missing

Are you having an issue with the FIND MY FRIENDS app not showing your photo?

I am on IOS 7.x and have this problem on two phones.  This is how I solved this issue.

Here are several steps to remedy this:

  1. under Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars go to “My Info” (near the bottom) and select a contact you’ve created for yourself under CONTACTS.  If you don’t have a contact, create one.  Take a pic and assign it to the contact.  This probably won’t be the pic that will be used in the FIND MY FRIENDS, but put one there anyway
  2. Go to settings, then select General, select Siri, then click on “my info” and choose yourself from the contact’s list
  3. This should be the final fix.  Go to settings>Facebook and delete the account info (no need to delete app) then sign in again and verify and when you log in to find my friends your face book profile picture should be there. Make sure you’ve selected your info in settings so your own contact shows “me”.
  4. Quit out of all apps, launch FIND MY FRIENDS and see if your picture shows up.

The above solution fixed two of my iPhones which are on IOS 7.X